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Urban Meditations is outcast political theology by two of Boston’s leading advocators, Kip Tiernan and Fran Froehlich. It is a forty-year reflection on life for some in Boston and elsewhere. Self-styled urban ministers, Tiernan and Froehlich have been sheltered by Old South Church for the past 25 years. They run the Poor People’s United Fund, a “spare change” for local neighborhood organizations. They have been feeding and sheltering and advocating access to justice for more than a quarter of a century. Tiernan, Rosie’s Place founder, and also founder of the Greater Boston Food Bank, has – with Froehlich, started several Boston non-profits, including the Poor People’s United Fund, Community Works, The Boston Women’s Fund, and Health Care For the Homeless. Money from the sale of the book – $20.00 (includes postage and handling) – will continue to help them run this economic ministry.

An excerpt from Urban Meditations read by Kip Tiernan

We regularly publish Urban Meditations, a kind of urban reflection with some spiritual overtones, including articles, meditations and essays relating to human rights.

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